Business hours for asparagus and blue berries season 2018

If you are interested in asparagus, we welcome you from mid April  2018  at our company located in Haelen, Grote Kampweg 29a. Also blueberry products for sale.

Monday Wedenesday   10.00-12.00
Tuesday en Thursday   closed
Friday   10.00-12.00
Saturday:   09.00-13.00
Sunday:   closed

If you are interested in blueberries and/or blueberry products, we welcome you Juli 2018 at our company located in Haelen , Grote Kampweg 29a.

Saterday   09.00-12.00




If you want to buy blueberries outside of these hours it will be possible to buy them from our fresh machine outside

This machine takes coins and biljets.

Change is given in return